ConfigurationTopWhat is NpemwinInstallation


The package is installed with the appropriate package tool for the target OS; rpm in linux:

rpm -i npemwin-<version>-<release>.<arch>.rpm

and pkg_add in FreeBSD:

pkg_add npemwin-<version>-<release>.tbz

Once executed, the package installation should have created a few required data directories under


and a set of configuration files under /usr/local/etc/npemwin. The runtime configuration file is


and the file


contains the list of servers that npemwind will ordinarily try to connect to. In ordinary operation, the list can contain any standard emwin server and npemwind will behave similar to the way an emwin server does.

Npemwin has other capabilities to post-process the received files which are described in the Configuration section.

ConfigurationTopWhat is NpemwinInstallation