Samba Screenshots

The machine named diablo is an nbsp server that runs the FreeBSD OS. It's noaaport data directory is exported via Samba, and it is then mounted as ``drive Z'' on a PC. While the files are stored in the server, they can be accessed as if they were in the PC's local disk. This is how the various subdirectories of the data directory look.

QuadSucker/News screenshots

The QuadSucker/News is an NNTP (news) client that works very efficiently with the nbsp nntp (news) setup, as described under ``Noaaport nntp (news)'' in the Projects section of this site. These screenshots show the QuadSucker program, running in a PC, at work. Typically, the files are cataloged in one window, and clicking on an item in the list displays the contents in another window.

Cygwin screenhots

The same PC can run its own version of nbsp (under the cygwin environment). In this case the data directories are truly local, but there is no essential difference in functionality.
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